Enjoy a Frosty Treat at Dolce Freddo Gelato

Dolce Freddo Gelato is a terrific resource for frosty treats that are sure to help you beat the summer heat.  Source: Dolce Freddo Gelato via Facebook

This summer, you will definitely want to get out and explore things near our beautiful Residences at Little River apartment community. Go out to eat and then pick up an incredible dessert after your meal. Of course, the best way to stay cool during the hot days of the season is with some tasty frozen treats! With that in mind, the best place in town for … [Read more...]

Give Your Hair the Royal Treatment at Salon 1712

Salon 1712 is a fabulous place for anyone looking to get their hair cut and styled.  Source: Salon 1712 via Facebook

Say goodbye to bad hair days! You can get the style and treatment you want for your crowning glory when you visit Salon 1712, a salon and say spa less than two miles away from Residences at Little River. When it comes to treating your hair like royalty, Salon 1712 has got it down pat. They offer services like hair cutting, styling, and coloring. Haircuts … [Read more...]

Stay Hydrated and Healthy in Haverhill

Here are some tips to help you with staying hydrated despite the smoldering summer heat.  Source: Pixabay

The summer sun brings in the fun, but it also poses two real dangers especially in higher temperatures: heatstroke and dehydration. Fortunately, you can easily combat them with these practical tips for staying hydrated this summer: Replace lost electrolytes. Water is enough for most of the time, but if you've sweated excessively, consume sport drinks, or … [Read more...]

Tips Veterinary Clinics and Animal Hospitals in Haverhill

The Riverside Veterinary Clinic and Have a Heart and Main Street Animal Hospitals are some of the top resources for sick pets and pet owners here in Haverhill.  Source: Riverside Veterinary Clinic via Facebook

Your pet is an important member of your family. When he gets sick, you want to do everything that you can to make him feel better. The veterinary clinics and animal hospitals in Haverhill near our apartment community offer services to take care of your pet when he is sick. Riverside Veterinary Clinic has a complete list of services for all of your pet's … [Read more...]

Treat Your Pooch with a Trip to Gimme Chews & Moore

Gimme Chews and Moore is a terrific dog treats and pet supply shop!  Source: Gimme Chews & Moore via Facebook

Pets are part of the family and there's no doubt that you enjoy spoiling your pets with the finest treats and the healthiest foods. When it comes to treating your pets like royalty, the folks at Gimme Chews and Moore know their pet supplies and only carry the best of the best. Their goal is to make sure that your pets have the care and nutrition they … [Read more...]

The Haverhill Library Has Something For Everyone

The Haverhill Library boasts books, movies, and much more!  Source: Haverhill Public Library via Facebook

You can always find something interesting and fun to do at the Haverhill Library located near Residences at Little River, our luxury rental community. This local library offers many services for those who are residents of the area. Like most libraries, you will find a variety of wonderful books to spark your imagination and take you to places unknown … [Read more...]

Beat the Summer Heal with This Ice Cream Recipe

Here is a tasty ice cream recipe that's sure to help you cool off during this hot summer here in Haverhill.

With summer literally just around the corner, you will definitely want to beat the heat. One of the coolest - pun intended - ways you can do that at home at our Residences at Little River apartment community is with everyone's favorite cold tasty treat. However, there's a twist, as you can make your very own homemade ice cream. Contrary to popular … [Read more...]

Keon’s Boasts a Cozy Atmosphere and Cuisine to Die For

Keon's boasts some of the tastiest fine dining found near your Haverhill apartments.

A great aspect of living at our lovely Residences at Little River apartment community is that there are plenty of restaurants in Haverhill from which to choose. If you have a date coming up, a get together with friends or simply aren't in the mood to cook, the restaurants have you covered. One of the best in the area is no doubt Keon's Restaurant. Keon's … [Read more...]

The Quilting Bee Comes to the Buttonwoods Museum

The Quilting Bee is Haverhill's 375th anniversary celebration and a chance for participants to stitch a doll-size quilt to take home or help contribute to a full-size quilt to mark the celebration.  Source: Buttonwoods Museum - Haverhill Historical Society‎ via Facebook

Are you a busy bee this summer? If your summer needs sprucing up, check out Buttonwoods Museum's very own Quilting Bee, an educational session on June 23, Tuesday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm only. Topics such as 19th century quilting and anything related will be discussed extensively. Then, participants are encouraged to stitch doll-sized quilts which in turn … [Read more...]

Crafts Aren’t Just for Kids Thanks to This Group at the Haverhill Public Library

The Haverhill Public Library is offering Crafts for Adults classes throughout the summer.  Source: Pixabay

Do you ever miss cutting, pasting and gluing like you did as a kid? Thanks to the Haverhill Public Library, you can return to your crafting days and make all sorts of fun crafts as an adult. Crafts for Adults classes take place regularly at the library. The next one is coming up on Saturday, June 20, 2015. The group will be making colorful miniature … [Read more...]