Beat the Summer Heal with This Ice Cream Recipe

Here is a tasty ice cream recipe that's sure to help you cool off during this hot summer here in Haverhill.

With summer literally just around the corner, you will definitely want to beat the heat. One of the coolest - pun intended - ways you can do that at home at our Residences at Little River apartment community is with everyone's favorite cold tasty treat. However, there's a twist, as you can make your very own homemade ice cream. Contrary to popular … [Read more...]

Keon’s Boasts a Cozy Atmosphere and Cuisine to Die For

Keon's boasts some of the tastiest fine dining found near your Haverhill apartments.

A great aspect of living at our lovely Residences at Little River apartment community is that there are plenty of restaurants in Haverhill from which to choose. If you have a date coming up, a get together with friends or simply aren't in the mood to cook, the restaurants have you covered. One of the best in the area is no doubt Keon's Restaurant. Keon's … [Read more...]

The Quilting Bee Comes to the Buttonwoods Museum

The Quilting Bee is Haverhill's 375th anniversary celebration and a chance for participants to stitch a doll-size quilt to take home or help contribute to a full-size quilt to mark the celebration.  Source: Buttonwoods Museum - Haverhill Historical Society‎ via Facebook

Are you a busy bee this summer? If your summer needs sprucing up, check out Buttonwoods Museum's very own Quilting Bee, an educational session on June 23, Tuesday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm only. Topics such as 19th century quilting and anything related will be discussed extensively. Then, participants are encouraged to stitch doll-sized quilts which in turn … [Read more...]

Crafts Aren’t Just for Kids Thanks to This Group at the Haverhill Public Library

The Haverhill Public Library is offering Crafts for Adults classes throughout the summer.  Source: Pixabay

Do you ever miss cutting, pasting and gluing like you did as a kid? Thanks to the Haverhill Public Library, you can return to your crafting days and make all sorts of fun crafts as an adult. Crafts for Adults classes take place regularly at the library. The next one is coming up on Saturday, June 20, 2015. The group will be making colorful miniature … [Read more...]

Do a Little Mariah Karaoke at Open Mic Night at Kelley’s Restaurant & Bar

Sing your heart out at a Karaoke and Open Mic Night at Kelley's Restaurant & Bar.  Source: ShutterStock

Local musicians who live in Haverhill near our apartment community have a great opportunity to showcase their talents. Kelley's Restaurant & Bar hosts open-mic night for people who are interested in letting the world see how well they can entertain a live audience. If you are a local musician, you can sign up for open-mic prior to the scheduled … [Read more...]

Whether Grilling, Cooking or Going Out, Borreli’s Has You Covered

Boreli's Italian Deli boasts some of the tastiest Italian cuisine found near your Haverhill apartments.  Source: Pixabay

Now that there is only a month left before summer officially kicks off, it is certainly the time for grilling and having your friends and family stop by for a barbecue! You can play host and chef simultaneously thanks to the amenities available at our lovely Residences at Little River apartment community. To get all the food you need for grilling, cooking or … [Read more...]

Explore Haverhill’s Rich History at the Buttonwoods Museum

The Buttonwoods Museum is a fantastic resource for local history.  Source: Facebook

One of the best things about living at our beautiful Residences at Little River apartment community is that you can get to explore and learn all about the area. This doesn't just mean you can take yourself on a little tour of your new neighborhood, but you can actually visit museums in Haverhill and learn the about rich history of the community. To truly do … [Read more...]

Laser Craze Boasts the Best Laser Tag in New England

Laser Craze is one of the top places to play laser tag near your Haverhill apartments.  Source: Facebook

There is plenty to do for entertainment when you live at our lovely Residences at Little River apartment community. One particular activity that is fun for people of all ages is none other than laser tag, which you can play when you book some time at Laser Craze. Laser Craze is dubbed "the ultimate interactive fun center," and with good reason. If you … [Read more...]

Explore the Grounds of Winnekenni Park and Castle

Explore the vast and gorgeous halls of Winnekenni Castle. Source: Wikipedia Commons

If you are a fan of history, you have a lot to look forward to when you live at our lovely Residences at Little River apartment community. This is largely due to the fact that there are many places to go where you can explore and learn all about the history of the place. One such favorite happens to be the Winnekenni Castle, which is situated in the … [Read more...]

Get Your Groceries at the Haverhill Farmers Market

The Haverhill Farmers Market is one of the top independent grocers found near your Haverhill apartments.  Source: morgueFile

You have plenty of perks when you choose our beautiful Residences at Little River as your home. Amenities come directly on the premises as well as out in town in the form of shopping, for one. If you are the type who enjoys cooking the freshest of food at home, you will want to check out the Haverhill Farmers Market that is coming to the area soon. This … [Read more...]